“DAKARETAI-DOJYO (抱かれたい道場)” is Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido, Japan.

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“Great…! I’m communicate with the Gaia!”

The most new story has been announced on September.
The title is “Otokotachi-no-dance-dance-dance”.

“DAKARETAI-DOJYO (抱かれたい道場)” is Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido, Japan. more info 

Here comes Old boy of  “DAKARETAI-DOJYO”!

This time is Practicing  the dance!

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All the mystery can be understood by reading the Monthly Young Champion retsu.


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Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Manga by Nakagawa Homeopathy.
  Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido.

“DAKARETAI-DOJYO (抱かれたい道場)” is Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido, Japan. Mean of ”DAKARETAI” is “You want to be in my arms”. Mean of ”DOJYO” is “training gym”. more