Self-service Udon restaurant

“Self-service Udon restaurant” is japanese fast food.

Udon is japanese traditional noodle.

This style is very popular in Japan.
Price is cheap. As soon as possible. That is the reason for the popularity.

People want to eat the noodles are aligned in a column. In order to purchase thenoodles.

Tempura shrimp, fish sausage, raw egg, fried tofu, etc …
Make the side dishes like udon.

Finally add the soy sauce to the udon.

  Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido.

“DAKARETAI-DOJYO (抱かれたい道場)” is Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido, Japan. Mean of ”DAKARETAI” is “You want to be in my arms”. Mean of ”DOJYO” is “training gym”. more