Takuboku Ishikawa 石川啄木 – Hokkaido, Japanese poet

Takuboku Ishikawa (石川 啄木 Ishikawa Takuboku, February 20, 1886 – April 13, 1912) was a Hokkaido, Japanese poet. He died of tuberculosis. Well known as both a tanka and ‘modern-style’ (shintaishi or simply shi) or ‘free-style’ (jiyūshi) poet, he began as a member of the Myōjō group of naturalist poets but later joined the “socialistic” group of Japanese poets and renounced naturalism. (wiki)

He love Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.

His sculpture is located in Hakodate.

Address; Hinode-cho 25-4, Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.


  Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido.

“DAKARETAI-DOJYO (抱かれたい道場)” is Most popular “MANGA” in Hokkaido, Japan. Mean of ”DAKARETAI” is “You want to be in my arms”. Mean of ”DOJYO” is “training gym”. more